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Online Listening

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get the 102.9 WBF App

Online Listening Tips and Help

With Online Listening you never have to miss The WBF Shopper, NASCAR,
Bartow Yellow Jackets, and Polk County's Classic Hits!

To begin your listening experience, click this imageclick to start Online Listening
located under the menu on the left side of every webpage.

Our web streaming audio player is flash-based, so you will need the current version of Adobe's Flash player. We have found that this player works best with our webcasting streams, with minimal stalling and dropouts.

After clicking the "On Air" image, our audio player will open in a new window, and our web stream will begin.

If you accessed the player from a desktop computer (PC or Mac)
  • For the best experience, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of your Internet browser.
  • If the stream is not audible, or doesn't start, please verify that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash plug-in installed.
  • The player is known to work on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.
If you accessed the audio player from a mobile device
  • On mobile devices you can use our free 102.9 WBF app for Apple or Android.

We hope you enjoy Online Listening from WBF!

If you are experiencing problems and cannot listen to our online stream, please see some of these frequently-asked questions...

Why can't I listen to WBF outside of the United States?
Unfortunately due to royalties, copyright, and licensing reasons, we do not stream outside of the United States. WBF has decided that the music royalties are too expensive to continue to offer streaming to everyone for free. International listeners were deemed most expendable because they would be the ones least likely to patronize our advertisers. This is a financial decision by our owners which is a result of issues with the record companies.

When I listen online, why is the audio delayed compared to what I hear on my home or car radio?
Online listening requires the radio signal to be converted into a digital format to be "transmitted" over the internet. This conversion process creates the delay, which can be anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds.

Why does a new window open when I click the "On Air" image? What's happening?
In order to allow our users to continue listening even after leaving our site, we open our player in a smaller browser window. This way, you can keep listening no matter what else you're doing online. If you leave our site and want to return, the links in the player window will bring you right back.

If you have any software installed that prevents pop-up windows from opening, it may prevent our audio player from opening. You will need to temporarily disable any such software in order to listen online. For example, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton Security, and Google Toolbar can all prevent pop-up windows, depending on your settings. Please consult the help files for your particular software for instructions on disabling your pop-up blocking software.

The audio player says "Error The station is not currently streaming. Please try again later."  What does this mean?
It can mean that either we have reached our maxumin number of listeners and cannot except any more connections, or we are having problems with our streaming internet connection or equipment.

The audio player says "Blackout The station is currently in blackout mode. The audio stream will resume when the blackout has ended." or The stations stream is not available at the moment due to airing restrictions."  What does this mean?
This means we have turned off our stream. The reasons we turn off the stream include 1) we are not permitted to stream copyright content. 2) We are performing routine maintenance on our streaming equipment. 3) Periodically, the stream is turned off to help reduce the very high and exorbitant royalty fees.

I used to be able to hear your station, but when I click on my favorite or bookmark to listen to your station, all I get is an error message and/or I don't hear any audio.
Be sure that you are using the correct web address for our player, and update your bookmark or favorite accordingly. To view the latest player, click the "On Air" image, above. When the new player displays, use your browser's Favorite or Bookmark function to save the new player location.

I canít access the stream, all my configurations are up to date including my browser and my audio software. I canít connect at all.
It could be we have reached our maxumin number of listeners and cannot except any more connections, or we are having problems with our wecasting/streaming internet connection.

Are you listening from home or from the office?
  • From the office: You should ask your network administrator if they have blocked the stream URL in the firewall office.
  • From home: Are you using any kind of firewall, antivirus or parental control program that could be preventing your computer from connecting to our servers? If yes, try to disable those and try again, to make sure that itís not one of these software programs that creates the problem. If you can listen to the stream after you have turned them off, that means that you have to change the settings in those programs in order to be able to listen to the stream.

  • I'm using an iPod Touch. The "On Air" link does not work for me.
    iPod Touch users should get the free 102.9 WBF app for your Apple devices.

    I used to listen via my smartphone, tablet, Internet/WiFi-enabled radio, or the Tune-In App; but those no longer work.
    We have changed the way our stream works and you may need to update your phone or app configuration.

    The best way to listen on your mobile device is to get the free 102.9 WBF app for your Apple or Android devices. Our stream is no longer available on the Tune-In app. get the 102.9 WBF App
    get the 102.9 WBF App

    Still have questions? Comments? Problems?

    So after you've done all this:
    • rebooted your computer or device
    • verified that you have all the proper software and upgraded with the latest versions
    • checked to make sure you don't have a firewall issue by disabling it
    • tried to access the webcast stream via a mobile device
    • and remember, our stream is not available to third-party streaming apps, like TuneIn.
    and you still can't hear anything, please send us a detailed message.

    We hope you enjoy Online Listening from WBF!